Sell SMOKO Electronic Cigarettes

Are you looking to expand your retail range to include the best electronic cigarettes and e-liquids? Then SMOKO is the way to go!

Simply put, SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes is one of the leading brands of electronic cigarettes currently available on the European market.   If you are looking to include e-cigs in your product range and offer your customers the highest quality product, then here are the reasons to choose SMOKO:

> WHY SMOKO - SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes provides our Trade and Wholesale partners with a world-class brand, incredible merchandise support, the highest standards of E-Liquids and Flavours that are all Made in the UK, quality product range and incredible customer service. 

> WHO SHOULD SELL SMOKO - If you are a Grocery or Convenience Store, a Bar or a Pub, a Cash and Carry, E-Cig Retailer or Distributor, a Petrol Station, Betting Shop, Race Track, Casino, University/College Campus - get in contact and we can demonstrate the massive revenue potential that SMOKO Premium Electronic Cigarettes will have on your business.

> HUGE PROFITS - Traditional cigarettes only deliver 5% to 7% Profit on Return (POR).  SMOKO can earn your business up to an incredible 40% Profit on Return

> REPEAT CUSTOM - Our customers love their SMOKO so you will see them over and over again!  SMOKO Customers usually come in every week to stock up on their favourite flavours, giving you an increased opportunity to cross-sell some of your other great products.

> INCREDIBLE BRAND - Strong brand awareness and the highest quality ingredients and products

> MADE IN THE UK- All of our e-liquids, nicotine and flavours used in our products are MADE IN THE UK - unlike the majority of e-cigarette brands who rely on Chinese-made ingredients.



Our most popular e-cigarette system! It's small, compact and easy to use.

Sensation de fumer réaliste

Attracts a high-spending and loyal clientele

Easy to change flavour refills

Wide rage of nicotine strengths and flavours

Amazing vapour production

Very easy to use

Encore mieux que la vraie chose

Great repeat custom and high margins

TPD Compliant with all EU Laws

Uses our SMOKO Refills that use the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are all Made in the UK!


Introducing our newest e-cigarette system - the SMOKO VAPE!

Pas de recharge ou de fuite

Changer les parfums en vous déplaçant

Technologie de bobine en céramique

Batterie de grande capacité

Wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths

Grande production de vapeur

Attracts a high net worth clientele

High margins and repeat custom

TPD Compliant with all new EU Laws

To be used with the SMOKO VAPE Pre-Filled Refills that use the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are all Made in the UK!



Une technologie de pointe

Petit et compact

Léger mais puissant

Grande production de vapeur

Réaliste et facile à utiliser

Designed to work with our 50%PG/50%VG E-Liquids

E-Liquids are Made in the UK with high quality ingredients

TPD Compliant with all new EU Laws

Designed to be used with our Premium range of E-liquids that are only made with the highest quality ingredients and flavours that are Made in the UK!

SMOKO E-Cigarettes are all TPD Compliant

New laws have recently come into effect across the UK and the EU relating to electronic cigarettes.  For many e-cig brands, this is major issue but for SMOKO we welcome the new laws with open arms. 

The TPD laws came into effect on May 20th 2017 and mean that ALL retailers must ensure the products they sell comply in the following ways:

- E-Cigarettes can only be sold to people who are 18 years old or older

- the maximum amount of nicotine cannot exceed 2.0% and can only hold a maximum of 2ml of e-liquids

- all products must come in child-proof packaging

- all ingredients must be tested and be registered with the MHRA to ensure they do not contain any harmful ingredients

- all e-cigarette devices must be 3rd party tested to ensure consistent delivery of nicotine and much more....

At SMOKO, we have done all the hard work for you!  We have worked very hard over the last 2 years to ensure that we provide the highest quality products that are all 100% TPD Compliant with all EU Laws!  You can be assured that SMOKO delivers quality you can trust!

SMOKO E-Cigarettes - The Brand of Choice for Retailers

> WE LOOK AMAZING - Great Point of Sale Displays, exciting merchandising options and premium packaging sets us apart from the crowd. 

> GREAT SERVICE AND SUPPORT - Ongoing sales support, sales training for your staff and fantastic Sales Promotions for your customers.  

> PROVEN PRODUCTS - SMOKO has over 6 years of extensive product market testing and 10's or 1,000's of satisfied customers

> UK-Based - Our UK-based sales and customer support staff are here to help you every step along the way.

> FREE DELIVERY - Free Delivery for all UK orders over £500 and International orders over £750.  All Wholesale orders placed by 1pm are packed and dispatched that day.  

> WE TICK ALL THE RIGHT BOXES - All of our products are fully covered with Product Liability Insurance, fully CHIP-compliant, RoHS and CE approved and child-proof packaging to exceed all current industry requirements and are fully EU TPD Compliant

> NO Minimum Order Quantities - We do not have any minimum order quantities - keeping it flexible for our Trade Partners.

Become a SMOKO Re-Seller

For UK, Rest of Europe and International

To find out how we can help drive additional revenue and repeat custom, send us an email and one of our Trade and Wholesale specialists can help you develop a thriving e-cigarette business or product segment and keep the foot traffic and the revenue coming through the door! 

Email - wholesale@smoko.com

Phone - 0800 772 0234 / +44(0)1892 512 529

Germany, Switzerland and Austria

For enquires for Germany, Switzerland or Austria, please contact our Distribution Partner.

Sonic GmbH

Werner Von Siemens Str. 2-6 building 5161

76646 Bruchsal - Germany

Phone: 0049 7251 3079469