Le bureau ou le bar doit-il être une zone sans cigarette électronique?

Today we look at an issue which is affecting more and more people, whether the e-cig should be used in the office, the bar or be restricted to special areas. Especially with upcoming events like Christmas, the question about whether the e-cig should be treated like a normal cigarette is becoming increasingly important.

A few years ago, the insurer Standard Life banned the use of e-cigarettes in their buildings, affecting 5,500 staff. Councils in Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle and Cheshire East seem ready to outlaw the electronic cigarette too. Cheshire East Council is worried about "the use of e-cigarettes … in council offices and other locations, and this is causing concern among staff". The council wants to ban e-cigs in all of its premises and vehicles.

Smoking cigarettes in enclosed or substantially enclosed public places, including the workplace, has been banned under the Health Act since 2006. The ban includes cigarettes, pipes and cigars... but not e-cigarettes.

Perception par les peuples des règles de l'e-cigarette

Ici à SMOKO we think this whole issue shows how the law and people’s perception of the e-cig in the UK is still firmly on the side of the e cig being just another form of cigarette.

We encourage people to make the switch to us from cigarettes, but an e-cigarette isn’t just a slightly better way of smoking, it is a whole new way of getting nicotine. With an e-cigarette you can enjoy the flavour and the feel or a cigarette, without harming yourself or anyone else.

After all a study came out that the vapour from an e-cigarette contained so little nicotine a bystander would have to stay next to a e-cigarette users over 8 hours to consume 0.008 of a cigarette.

It seems odd then that businesses are trying to ban e-cigs from the office, as it only forces people who have made the switch to a healthier way to be classified as the same as a smoker.

It mean workers have to stop work for 10 minutes for a vaping break instead of being productive, and not for any medical reason but because someone pourrait be uncomfortable. And on a slightly less serious note, does anyone want to work someone who is craving nicotine? Should people with e-cigarettes be forced out of bars and miss big moments because it could be confused for a cigarette by someone?

Would it not be much easier and more profitable for a business to let e-cigs be used, and if someone gets uncomfortable make sure that they know that there is no smoke, just vapour and so no chance of 2nd hand smoke. There is also virtually no smell either from vapour in the air or on the person they share an office with.

Education of what an e-cig is and what it can do for smokers looking to move away from cigarettes could save so much time, and more importantly save lives. But if we continue push “vapers” back in with the smokers, all we are doing is pushing them back to old habits.

Qu'est-ce que tu penses? Laissez-nous un commentaire pour nous dire si vous êtes en faveur d'interdire l'e-cig dans les lieux publics et si vous souhaitez passer à l'e-cig, essayez l'un de nos Kits de démarrage e-cigarette.

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