Even a single cigarette is likely to hook you into smoking a study has shown.

Cigarettes are addictive, even the most vocal smoking supporter (if they exist anymore) would agree with that. But what many of us don't realise is how addictive they can really be.

A study has come out that shows that almost 82% of people in the UK who tried smoking went onto being daily smokers. Considering that most of us found the first cigarette we ever had truly disgusting, it really proves how addictive cigarettes can be!

The study also shows why relapsing is such a common issue with smokers trying to quit!

La preuve

The study in question was a meta-analysis of eight different studies over the last 16 years and covers over 215,000 people from the UK, New Zealand, USA and Australia.

It found that on average across the 16 countries, approximately 68.9% of people who tried a cigarette went onto becoming daily smokers.

In the UK however, that number is even higher at 82%!

The lead researcher Prof Peter Hajek, from Queen Mary University of London, said:

"We've found that the conversion rate from first-time smoker to daily smoker is surprisingly high, which helps confirm the importance of preventing cigarette experimentation in the first place"

The rate of teenagers and adults trying cigarettes is thankfully dropping every year, but with an 82% conversion rate in the UK that is still a lot of people becoming smokers!

Why Are Cigarettes So Addictive?

One of the main reasons for the addiction is nicotine, after all it is the chemical that keeps you coming back to smoking. Nicotine is a stimulant (like coffee) and so when you first smoke a cigarette you get that rush of pleasure, which makes you feel more alert and awake. But the downside to any stimulant is that very quickly your body adjusts to it, and so you need to give your body more otherwise the cravings and discomfort starts.

What makes cigarettes much worse than other stimulants though is that cigarette companies have leaned into this and over the years have made cigarettes even plus encore addictive.

They've done this in a number of ways:

  • Added Sugar - Sugar is added to cigarettes to make them smoother and easier for first time and returning smokers to use. Sugar is also an addictive substance on its own!
  • Added Acetaldehyde - This chemical is created when sugar and tobacco are burned together and makes smoke less harsh and more addictive as it helps the nicotine get to your brain quicker and more effectively.
  • Added Ventilated filters - These filters help draw the tobacco smoke quicker, giving a bigger hit immediately. It also made the smoke less harsh so people were able to take larger drags and though it did take some of the toxins out of the smoke it made the nicotine purer and so more addictive.

It's no wonder than that quitting cigarettes can be so difficult! Your body craves the cigarette and the cigarette is specifically designed to be as addictive as possible to rope you in.

This is also why relapsing is so easy, even having a couple socially for old-times sake can send you back to full time smoking.

But the good news is that there is a way out of this trap, e-cigarettes. As they have the nicotine your body wants but without all the extra stuff added in! In fact e-cigarettes only have 4 ingredients and none of the carcinogens or toxins that makes cigarettes so deadly. That's why Public Health England said “e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than cigarettes”.

So if you don't want to fall back into the trap of cigarettes then why not try on of SMOKO E-Cigarette Starter Kits for juste £ 9.99!

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